Showering after biking

is a wondrous thing that I did not know I was missing. For the first few years that I biked to work, I would wash up using whatever sink (and sometimes bidet) was available. Since I began working at places with shower rooms, my bike to work life has greatly improved. Now I am a confident that my colleagues aren’t just being polite – I biked to work, but I don’t smell like it. 

The washing up wasn’t so bad, but it was a lot more complicated than being able to take an actual shower. I’ve thought of a few things that make showering a pleasant experience for the biker as well as for whoever else will be using the room after.

  1. Use body wash instead of soap. It’s faster to use and easier to store.
  2. Bring slippers. You never know how clean the place is.
  3. Use a bag with open side pockets. You can hang the bag and this becomes your shower rack.
  4. If you can, point the shower away from the door so the water doesn’t go everywhere.
  5. Mop the floor before you leave the room.
  6. You can hang your wet towel or clothes on your bike. This depends on where you plan to leave your bike, of course.

    When I bike to places where I can’t shower, I go back to just washing up. Sometimes I bring an extra bottle of water, so I don’t even need to find a faucet. I just look for some plants or a drain, so I don’t make a huge mess. There are lots of solutions for any biking “problem” – and whatever “problem” is easily outweighed by the happiness of not getting stuck in traffic.


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