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Bike to grocery

From the debunked bike myths department

People have lots of reasons for not biking, and one that we hear a lot is, “Where will I put all my stuff?”

Ask any biker and they’ll tell you there are many ways to carry things, whether it’s everyday items like bags and water bottles, or rarer ones like a disassembled clothes rack. That’s why biking is so much fun. It’s problem-solving. A friend of mine was able to carry 15 bottles of beer on her bike by arranging the bottles in her basket and in her bag, Tetris style, as she put it. “Para-paraan!” says Amanda the bottle-carrier, who we can all agree deserved her share of the beers.

Getting groceries with a bike becomes easier the more often you do it. After a while you begin to develop a sixth sense for knowing when you’ve reached the maximum amount. This depends on what carrying solutions you have. A front basket and a rear rack are enough if you’re getting groceries for about two weeks. Bungee cords are great for securing things, but other kinds of ties work as well. If you’re worried about theft, a basket cover (which is just like a huge shower cap, so you could improvise and make your own) can provide added security, as well as protection in case it rains. Another friend of mine has neither a basket nor a rack, so he does his groceries with a custom-made bike bag.


Of course, storage capacity isn’t the only issue. You have to be sure you can bike safely with your groceries, so avoid overloading as it affects your balance. And then there’s your bike’s weight limit. I don’t actually know what my bike’s weight limit is, but it seems pretty sturdy.

So how much can a bike carry?

A person, and over six kilos of stuff. Frozen fish, not-so-frozen fish, fish hotdogs, meat, chicken, vegetables, coffee, bread, oil, cheese, butter, and fabric softener. Sure, you could get a lot more if you took a car, but frequent trips aren’t a problem when you’re biking. It’s not like you have to pay for gas or parking. All it takes is a bit of bravery and balance.

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